Company Profile

India's leading name in hospitality that is transforming the face of the country through its "Club Culture" brands and upcoming strategic partnerships in others. CKP Leisure Limited is a leading hospitality and entertainment company in India which manages clubs & restaurants – all with equal aplomb with a motto to make all your nights last forever henceforth bringing you the best possible Night Rhymes from the best DJ's across the geographies. CKP Leisure Limited is also ambitious to enter in the fields of leisure, recreation, amusement, food courts, fashion outlets, hotels, resorts, nightclubs and lounges, coffee shops, health & wellness, venue catering, convention, live performing arts center, entertainment & film distribution thereby covering the entire spectrum, making it a unique and unparalleled brand both in India and abroad. CKP Leisure Limited currently operates the hospitality facility in Nightclub Segment known as 'Club Sirkus' at Hotel Sahara Star. Located in the heart of the Mumbai Suburbs, Club Sirkus boasts the city's best entertainment destination. 'Club culture' is a colloquial expression given to youth cultures for whom dance clubs and their eighties offshoot, are the symbolic axis and working social hub. Club cultures are taste cultures. Crucially, club cultures embrace their own hierarchies of what is authentic and legitimate in popular culture-embodied understanding of which can make on 'hip.' On grounds of the aforesaid, CKP Leisure Limited (formerly known as Percept Media Works Pvt Ltd) was incorporated on 23rd July, 2013 & has been ruling the segment since then.